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Midjourney V6: What to Expect, Release Date & Rumors

It seems like only yesterday that Midjourney V5 came on the scene and delighted us with its mastery of the five finger hand! But lucky us, looks like we won’t have to wait long to see what they’ve cooked up for V6!

Ever since v5 hit the scene in mid-March 2023, the development team has been relentlessly working on version 6, and I’m amped up about the improvements and rumored features.

So, let’s dive into my take on what’s confirmed, and what game-changing features might be in the next release.

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* Midjourney v6 is set to delight users with higher resolution and improved natural language processing.

* Buzzworthy rumors include enhanced hand generation and 3D modeling capabilities.

* The official release date remains a mystery but is estimated to be around May

V6 Release Date

Before we dive into the details, you wanted to know the release date for V6, right?

Well, the truth is, nobody knows right now. However, based on information provided by Midjourney in the Discord and on social media, V6 is expected to be released sometime between May and Junes 2023.

Confirmed Midjourney v6 Features

The development team has spilled the beans on a few confirmed treats for the upcoming version:

1. Higher Image Resolution

Hold onto your hats, folks! Midjourney v6 is gearing up to serve us images with higher resolution, offering even more tantalizing visual quality and detail. While v5’s base resolution of 1024×1024 was a nice appetizer, v6 will potentially dish out a whopping 2048×2048 resolution, thanks to its very own upscaler. From casual doodlers to seasoned artists, this feast of pixels is sure to satisfy all.

2. Smarter Natural Language Improvements

Midjourney v6 is set to wow us with more advanced natural language processing capabilities, making it easier for the platform to comprehend our text inputs and generate images with impressive accuracy and detail. As someone who’s had to wrangle with different prompting styles between versions, I’m beyond thrilled about this smoother, more enjoyable creative experience.

Midjourney V6 Rumors & Buzz

Now, let’s indulge in some juicy rumors and speculations about potential new features that have been circulating within the official Discord and social media. Although unconfirmed, these tidbits sure do add to the excitement and anticipation.

1. Improved Hand Generation

Some whispers suggest that Midjourney v6 might tackle the issue of accurately generating hands in images, a known challenge for AI art generators. I, for one, can’t wait to see if this improvement materializes, resulting in more lifelike and precise hand renderings. Who knows, maybe the Midjourney team will even give feet the spotlight this time!

2. 3D Modeling

File this under “big, if true”: the possible inclusion of 3D modeling capabilities in Midjourney v6! While I’m a tad skeptical, the prospect of generating and manipulating 3D models based on text inputs would be a total gamechanger.

Just imagine the impact on industries like architecture, product design, video game development, and virtual reality experiences. Until official announcements are made, though, I’ll try to temper my excitement with a grain of salt. Gear up that 3D printer just in case!


Midjourney v6 is shaping up to be a groundbreaking update that promises to elevate the user experience to new heights. With confirmed improvements like higher resolution and smarter natural language processing, and the tantalizing rumors of better hand generation and 3D modeling, it’s no wonder we’re all eagerly awaiting its release.

As we continue to speculate and share our excitement, let’s remember to take rumors with a grain of salt, but also appreciate the power of community engagement in shaping Midjourney’s future.

So, fellow latent space explorers, let’s brace ourselves for the thrilling ride that Midjourney v6 is sure to be, and here’s to hoping it exceeds our wildest expectations!

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