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How to Cancel Your Midjourney Subscription

Looking to cancel your Midjourney subscription? Like many software services, they don’t always make it easy for you to find where to cancel your account. Here’s how to do it in just a few simple steps.

Two Ways to Cancel Your Account

There are two ways to navigate into your “manage your account” section where you will find the button to cancel your subscription. You can start either from inside Discord or directly on Midjourney.com. I will walk you through both methods now.

1. The Discord Method

If you use Midjourney, you most likely spend most of your time within Discord, whether it’s the Midjourney server, the Midjourney Discord bot or a personal server you set up for yourself. Fortunately, Discord is also the quickest way to get into your account management area.

Step 1: Use the /Subscribe Command

Within any Discord channel where the MJ bot resides (or within private chat directly with the bot), type /subscribe.

mj cancellation 1

Once you hit ENTER, you will see this message appear in the channel:

midjourney cancellation 2 jpg

Boom! With one simple command, you are almost at your destination. Just click on the “Open subscription page” button, and you will be taken directly to the “manage your account” page of midjourney.com.

Step 2: Cancel Your Subscription

When you enter the “manage subsription” page, you might miss the “cancel” button at first, but if you look just to the right of “Billing & Payment”.

midjourney cancel3

Just click on “cancel”, and you will be prompted to cancel your subscription. It will ask you to confirm if you indeed want to cancel your account.

If you follow through with the cancellation, you can still use your Midjourney account until the end of the billing cycle.

2. The Midjourney Website Method

The second method is also pretty straightfoward. All you need to do is visit midjourney.com. From the homepage, just click “sign in” at the bottom right of the screen.

mj cancel1

Once signed in, you will be taken to the account homescreen where you are able to view and download your image generations, as well as access your account information.

Click on “Manage Sub” on the left-side navigation which takes you directly to the “Account Management” page where you can cancel your subscription the same way as the Discord method posted above.

mj cancel2 jpg


There you have it. Upon following these steps, you will be MJ free! I personally think it’s worth keeping a subscription given the quality Midjourney provides out of the box compared to other options, but the cost can be prohibitive depending upon your subscription level.

Fortunately, there are many other good options out there to explore the latent spaces with AI image generators. If you are ready to move on from Midjourney, you can try these other options:

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